Friday, 25 February 2011

Fresh Air and Vegetables

I have been brought up vegetarian and therefore have never knowingly eaten meat. It goes without saying that my children will also be veg, and hopefully their children too.
I grew up on an Organic vegetable farm so there were always delicious, fresh veg on my plate & I lived an active & healthy lifestyle. We never had a house full of gadgets, I think a t.v and eventually a c.d player was about the extent of it. Yeah I watched t.v when I got in from school, especially on a rainy day, but I also spent hours & hours in the woods building camps, climbing trees, in the garden playing with rope swings. Inside play consisted of lots and lots of arts and crafts!
I hope to encourage a similar life style for Josie but this screen generation does worry me, especially as baby Josie has an older half brother & sister that have the usual selection, x-box, wii, psp, ipod, mobile phone & they are not even in their teens yet! In an ideal 'Rose' world we'd have a computer game free home... What am I to do!?
We are planning to find a tree in the nearby woodland to rig up a swing so we have something to cart the big kids off to as sometimes they just don't know what to do with themselves outside. Hopefully this should encourage them to spend more time filling their lungs with lovely fresh air this coming season.
It will be a few more years until Josie will be climbing trees but she will be enjoying toddling around the garden, paddling pool and maybe some sand fun this summer, oh and of course lots of yummy fruit and veg!


  1. Your childhood sounds idyllic :-)

    I have been veggie since I was 11, and flirted with veganism for a while. I want to bring up Lissy as a veggie, my husband agrees, but both my eldest and my hubby are omnivores. This could get tricky...!

    I only cook veggie/vegan at home but they often have meat in their school/work sarnies when they request it, and eat meat at meals out or other peoples' houses. It's going to be tough explaining to Lissy why we don't eat our friends but her dad and sis do.

    As for the screen generation, a good friend of mine limits her kids to an hour on weekdays and two a day on the weekend - that includes all kinds of screen - TV, Wii, laptop (unless it's schoolwork).

  2. Hi, love the breastfeeding pictures on your blog !

    Hope you don't mind but we are trying to get natural leaning mothers to band together to try and create a response to this video aimed at making vaccination seem the "cool" option. It appears to be aimed at a younger audience with the outcome that older children could start questioning their non vaxed status. We need to generate a massive response to this because it is on the verge of going viral and is being pushed by the "skeptic" agenda