Sunday, 6 February 2011

An introduction & the birth of my baby!


my name is Rose and I am mother to 10 month old Josie. I intend to share some of my experiences of being a new mum and hope that you may be interested in my natural approach.

I gave birth to Josie in April 2010. I had a wonderful home, water birth with my partner Laurence, my sister Gena and her youngest baby Jemima by the pool side with me. Josie was caught by a lovely midwife named Linda (who also delivered Jemima 8 months previous).

The transition from a woman to a mother was softened by my close relationship with my sister. She is a mother of three and I have been able to learn from her. I had an amazing insight into child birth by being with her for the birth of her second and third children, both home births and both utterly lovely! These experiences were invaluable, so much so I didn't feel the need to do any NCT classes, my plan was to simply follow my instincts. They served me well and after about 12 hours of labor Josie was born into water at 10.40 am weighing 8lb 2oz!
Ouch! The relief I felt was indescribable!

Pain relief consisted of the birth pool, which was lovely, on the odd occasion I got out I was soon back in again! I inhaled lavender oil off a tissue, which during the less intense contractions did help to sooth and calm me. I used rescue remedy (although in the end I almost necked the whole bottle down in one), and my sister was popping various other homeopathic remedies in my mouth too. During the later stage gas & air was made available to me and i did indulge in a few puffs. The first time I used it it helped but after that I found the contractions so full on that I gave up on it. Focusing and directing all my energy inwards was the only was through it for me. But wow feeling that kind of positive pain is quite an experience!
I understand why some women opt for stronger pain relief or an epidural because it frikin huuuurts!!! However I look at it like pulling off a plaster, just get on and do it fast. Intervention almost always leads to more intervention, and a downward spiral that ends in the demise of the 'ideal' birth of your baby. Many women report feeling like they had their birth experiences 'taken over' by the medical professionals. I think this is quite sad, it is something we will only do a few times (if that) in our lives and it is important to feel satisfied with the experience.

So the birth went well and my 'natural mothering' was off to a good start... next was to master the breast feeding... little did I know it was not going to be a walk in the park!


  1. What a gorgeous photo, Rose! I completely agree with your approach to birth. It doens't need to be a medical event. I'm so passionate about helping other women have a calm, satisfying birth that I'm currently training to be a hypnobirthing instructor.

  2. that sounds alot like my birth! and i had the same attitute to you too before hand! I was in labour for 9 and a half hours and Lyla was born on the sofa with only gas and air used in the beginining bit to help me breathe through the contractions mostly! my labour was really intense though and all my ideas of listening to music and going for walks and drinking smoothies in the early days didnt happen, I was pretty much straight in to contractions every 5 mins! its such an amazing thing to do! especially when they come out as 8 pounders!water helped me sooo much i was pretty muchh in water for all of it till the last half an hour! first the bath then the was amazing!x